"You are the Villain!"

In this game you will play the role of a highly-intelligent but highly deranged scientist known as Dr. Diabolical. Your goal is to increase your personal notoriety and fortune - to become the most famous and powerful villain - all while preventing yourself from going mad, ending up in prison, or both.

The left arrow button below will take you to your secret base where you can begin to formulate diabolical plans with your genius mind!

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Secret Base

Day Job Diabolical Scheme

Day Job

Progress working as a {{jobName}}... {{completion}} / {{maxComplete}}
Quit Work

Your Tools


Your Henchmen


Devise a Diabolical Scheme

  1. Crime

    1. {{name}} (${{initialCost}})
    2. {{/crimes}}
  2. Tactic

    1. {{name}}
    2. {{/tactics}}
Go Back Begin Planning

Planning {{tacticName}} {{crimeName}}

Progress planning your crime... {{completion}} / {{maxComplete}}
  • Innovation Lightbulb Evil Innovation: {{innovation}}
  • Innovation Lightbulb {{tacticName}}: {{tacticPercentage}}%
Execute the Scheme! Abort this Scheme

Executing {{tacticName}} {{crimeName}}

Progress completing your crime... {{completion}} / {{maxComplete}}
  • Innovation Lightbulb {{innovation}}
  • {{tacticName}}: {{tacticPercentage}}%


Progress finding a way out... {{completion}} / {{maxComplete}}
Break Out!


Your scheme wasn't completed!

Return to your secret base

Successful {{crimeName}}

Your scheme was a success! You should return to your secret base to do more evil planning.

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