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Your map can help guide you through the forest. In the center of the forest is a peaceful glade which acts as the spiritfolks' meeting area. The surrounding areas are frequently invaded by those that wish to conquer the Spirit Forest.

Great Glade Forest Defense Old Gray Tree Grasslands Defense Counterattack Scalmata Swamp

Spirit Forest is Under Attack

In a remote area of the planet, there is a deep, magical forest known as the Spirit Forest. Within this land, all things are imbued with a naturally mystic energy. At times this energy gets released and a forest spirit is born as a small, glowing wisp. You are one of these spirits, recently born from an old, gray tree.

What is your name?

If this is your first time playing, you may want to read the help documentation.

The Great Glade

You are in the center of the Spirit Forest known as the Great Glade. This large clearing of trees is the gathering place for all of the spiritfolk that protect the surrounding forests.

Free Rez Free Rezberry Potion

Do you want to leave the Great Glade? check your map


You have died and become a ghost.
In order to shapeshift back into your otherforms, you will need to use a Rezberry Potion. These potions can be bought at the Great Glade and the Old Gray Tree.

Drink Rez Potion Back to the map

To begin a new game, refresh this page by hitting the space bar, clicking the refresh button on your browser, or the F5 key (for PC users). All your current progress will be lost.


How To Play


To play you click on the links to travel around.


When in combat you select the actions buttons on the left. Each action has a cool-down period before it can be used again, which is show my the blue bar.


Do not refresh the page or you will lose your current game.