Cyclopean Clicker You are the Monster

Booting Up


If the game fails to load, try refreshing the page.


Click the Earth button to travel to Earth. When on earth click anywhere to fire your laser eye.

Click the Portal button to travel to Dimension 1I where you will find some introduction text.

For help, please see the Ludum Dare entry page or Tumblr #LDJAM.


Game Design, Programming, Graphics by Luke Nickerson

Fonts courtesy of Google Fonts.

Software: Sublime Text 3, Chrome

Recommended Listening: Soma fm Doomed

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Stage ##
Progress ##/10
Your DPS ##
You are the Monster
## / ##
Skulls ##
Opponent's DPS ##
Opponent [Boss]
## / ##
Cyclopean Clicker

You are a cyclopean monster - a powerful creature that inhabits Dimension 1I. Your people have summoned a portal to the puny planet of Earth, and your king has commanded that you go there to collect skulls for his skull throne.

Click the Earth button to travel through the portal. Once on Earth, click anywhere to fire your laser eye.

Collect enough skulls and you'll be able to get upgrades to become even more powerful. You may return through the portal at any time to rest and heal.