Conspiracy Clicker

It is time that our organization fulfills the ancient prophecies and creates a New World Order!

In order for our organization to dominate the world, we will need a vast conspiracy to draw together various sources of power.
Much of our power will come about by convincing the people of the planet that our ways are best. To do this we will need to utilize the Media to educate the willing and brainwash the rest of the stupified population.

We will also need to need to co-opt the democractic process and ensure that we have full control over all Politics. Once our politicians are enstated, they will control the agenda and the voters will flock to them.
In order to accomplish this we will need a lot of money, so it's vital that we control the Industry of the world. Will the profits of all the businesses combined together, everything we will need will be for sale. Fortunately the political realm and the media are already easily subjugated by money; if we are patient with our conspiratorial schemes, we should not fail.

This game is made up of three different sectors - Industry, Politics, Media - and three different currencies: money, votes, and controlled minds. Each sector has it's own funds and it's own specialty. Industry's primarily job is generating money; Politics can generate votes or money; Media can generate controlled minds or money.

To play this game, you will utilize three main features:

  1. Click Sector Icon - Every click will generate money. The more upgrades you have, the more money you'll generate with each click.
  2. Purchase Upgrades - These are listed below each sector icon; click the button to purchase one upgrade (if you have the funds), or click the upgrade to see more details. Some upgrades in a sector will aid another sector.
  3. Transfers - Currencies can be transferred between sectors by activating one of the arrows/buttons connecting the three sector icons. Only one transfer can be active at a time. Financing and contributions move money, tax breaks turn votes into money, propaganda turns mind controll into votes, and ads turn mind control into money for industry. Campaigns use money to create votes, while a mass broadcast will convert money into mind control.

In order to win, you need to have millions of voters and minds secure under your control. your progress can be measured with the progress bar at the top (it takes a while for you to even register on it!).



Profit: ... $/sec
... $/click


tax break
tax break
... Votes
Influence: ... votes/sec
... votes/click
Donations: ... $/sec
... $/click


mass broadcast
... Minds Controlled
Reach: ... minds/sec
... minds/click
Profit: ... $/sec
... $/click