Net Clicker Incremental/Clicker Game of Hacking and Cyberwar

Booting Up


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There are 4 important ratings for your network: Nodes = the number of computer systems you control. These will go up as you defeat opponents. Security = This is important for staying alive. If a network does not have 100% security, then they are more susceptible to espionage attacks. Info = Information is a type of currency that can be turned into money with development. Money = Cash can be used to purchase more hackers or upgrades.

There are 4 hacker jobs: SysAdmins = Keep your security up. Trolls = Attack your opponents security. Black Hats = Steal information from your opponent. Developers = Are responsible for turn the information into products that can be sold.

For help, please see the Ludum Dare entry page or Tumblr #LDJAM.


Game Design, Programming, Graphics by Luke Nickerson

'Contrail One' font courtesy of Google Fonts.

Software: Notepad++, Chrome, Pickle, Bfxr, Bosca Ceoil

Recommended Listening: Soma fm DEF CON Radio

Thanks to testers: Christina, Jeff, Matt

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You Defeated a Network

You absorb the nodes of the vanquished network, and search out a new, more powerful opponent.
Good luck!

You Win!

Congratulations, you've defeated all the other networks!

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You Lose

Next time try making sure you have enough hackers hired and upgrades before you move on to the next opponent.

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Bad Network

Rival Network Level 1
  • # SysAdmins
  • # Black Hats
  • # Trolls
  • # Developers

Your Network

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