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Reptilian President v1.2.1

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human suit

Left/Right/A/D = Movement

Tab = beam up/down from UFO

Space (hold down) = give speech or fire UFO laser to collect human-suit

Green bar = voters for the Reptilian Illuminati Party

Red bar = voters for the Grand Ancients Party

Blue bar = voters for the Demopublican SuperPAX Party

Brown bar = The durability of your human-suit; if it drops too low you'll be seen as a reptilian

Orange bar = The level of fear among the citizens

To win: Get over 50% of the vote for the Reptilian Illuminati Party (green)!

Due to the success of previous reptilians running for public office, you've decided to run for president. The only thing holding you back is your itchy human-suit, and it's tendency to decompose, exposing your true, alien shape. Luckily using the LASERs on your UFO it should be easy to harvest more human-suits; hopefully this won't make the humans panic too much.

Version 1.0 was originally developed in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 35 game jam (theme "Shapeshift") and Low Rez Jam (64x64 px)

by Luke Nickerson @deathraygames
using the RocketBoots web game starter kit

© 2016